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The G-Spot

And by that, I mean the G-enius spot of content marketing – of course. Not sure where you were going… When creating concepts, strategies, content – when defining channels and even automations – the genius is in that spot between the data/metrics and the pure magic of creativity – it’s where the sparks fly. It…
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How to have customers crushing on you – even in a time of COVID

2020 has brought to the fore the importance of connectedness – with family, with friends, with community, with customers – regardless of location. We’ve all had to think outside the box a tad in order to stay in touch. Not sure about you but my 2020 has be full to the brim of Zoom meetings,…
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How daily orgasms can help with your marketing and content

Happy National Orgasm Day – yep – it’s a real thing. And since I think we could all use something a little light to read at the moment…let’s take a look at how daily orgasms can help with your marketing and content. Celebrated in numerous countries around the world (including my fair Australia) on July…
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Let’s talk about ‘about’ pages

The very first thing I’d love you to know when creating or revising your ‘about’ web page is this…you will never be everyone’s cuppa of coffee and that’s okay. Your about page should not ever speak to everyone, it should speak directly to your people. Your about page is your opportunity to start a relationship,…
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Let’s talk about sex and how it’s like content marketing

Let’s talk about sex, baby (sing it) Let’s talk about you and me (sing it, sing it) Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be Let’s talk about sex (come on) Let’s talk about sex (do it) Let’s talk about sex (uh-huh) Let’s talk about sex At the end…
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KISS me passionately…content that connects

‘Passionate kisses Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me Oo oo ooh Cause I’m on fire when you love me Kiss me passionately Pash me, pash me, pash me’ Now that you have the ‘97 hit ‘Pash me’ by Kate Ceberano stuck in your head (you’re welcome), let’s discuss kissing or the KISS principle specifically. You’ve…
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Dear Photographers

I get that your images are your babies, your livelihood, your passion but please, take it easy. Blog posts require a few key factors in order to achieve their target of providing value to readers, to appease the Google god and to showcase your expertise. However, boring and/or overwhelming people aren’t some of them. You…
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Does size really matter?

Let’s unpack the never ending question of ‘does size really matter’? The answer…Well, yes and no… Now, what are we talking about exactly? The length of content of course…and you’ve probably heard everything from 275 – 2500 words is the ideal!!! WTF???? So let’s considering the most popular lengths of written copy… The micro post…
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Social Media Images 2018 Cheat Sheet

  Grab the PDF copy by clicking on the link below! social media images V2

What is social media marketing anyway?

Any type of business, in any type of industry will benefit from a well thought out, well implemented marketing campaign. It will ensure that your brand name, products and services are more easily recognised, you’ll build trust with your target audience and you’ll grow in authority within your field. This said, creating a marketing strategy…
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