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Courses, collaborations, coaching…you’ll find all the things right here to get those creative juices flowing.

Integrated Copy Collaborators


My online mini courses are self-paced, simple to follow, easy to action and affordable – specifically designed for those soloists, micro and small businesses that perhaps can’t quite afford to outsource or have control issues – no judgement here! Courses cover biz basics such as buyer personas (target audiences, customer avatars – whatever you desire to call them), tone of voice/content guideline documents and crafting content – think website copy, blogs, social media posts and more.


Buyer Personas

TOV / Content Guidelines

Crafting Content

F&ck the Traditional Funnel

I’ve just sat down and gone over Connie’s Crafting Content course this morning and it’s got heaps of GOLD in it!! Highly recommended. I’m all fired up. 

Jojo Hogan, Founder – Slow Postpartum

3 MINI COURSE BUNDLE + Bonus Content

(cause I’m a true tight-arse at heart and get that others are too)

I’m adding new courses all the time so stay tuned. On the boil are things like Facebook Advertising, Repurposing Content and Fuck the Funnel. There’s a webinar/video to accompany each course topic – just jump over to my YouTube channel (geez I feel like a twat typing that).

content coaching


Do you love to create your own content? Feeling happy about managing your own social media profiles?

BUT you need someone on hand to bounce ideas off, someone to ensure your content is spot on, someone to keep you accountable, someone to help ensure you are reaching your target audience in the right way? 

You need Content & Social Media coaching. That’s what I do! You can get all the info here

 website writing weekend


Wild Website Writing Weekend – Brisbane – Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2019

An opportunity to create your website and landing page content – in just one weekend!

Maybe you already have website / landing page content but it’s blah, it’s boring, it’s beige, it’s not working, it’s not converting – you’re welcome too – this is a great opportunity to start over, to revamp, to create words that work for your audience, style and business. Get all the details here.