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Banish the Beige Bundle

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Want all my deepest darkest secrets to digital comms? Hmmm we’ve only just met…do I trust you? Fuck it – sharing is caring – isn’t that what the influencers say?

My biggest pet peeve in my industry – comms, content, copy – call it whatever floats your boat – is the sameness of it all. The beige, the bullshit, the blah.

Here I give you full permission to banish the beige, to show the real you, to tell it like it is, to create content that speaks to your people and them alone.

The Banish the Beige Bundle contains all my loves – creating buyer personas (let’s delve into who you’re talking to), creating a tone of voice (let’s discover how you’re going to talking to them), fuck the traditional funnel (let’s implement the KISS – keep it simple stupid – method and just talk to people like hmmmm people), and crafting content (how to actually write all the things).

And, there’s a bonus too – cause I feel like we’re friends already. My big, big power words – these are those emotive words that can be peppered through your copy to kick things up a notch or two and create all the feels. If your readers don’t feels the tingles – what is the actual point!

So, that’s it all – click the link – head to shop – buy the bundle – keep me in coffee money – it’s really is in the best interests of everyone.

Got this far and realise you might first need a little help on direction or strategy?- I can do that do. For that you’ll need to click on this link!