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Content Support Package

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Struggling to stay on top of all those pesky content tasks? You know the ones – that guest blog post, landing page copy, proofing of a press release…

Now you can get content support in a 10-hour block package to get it all sorted.

What can you use your package for?

  • Strategy – marketing, content, and/or social media strategy sessions
  • Copy Editing – making your content really pop and ensuring it’s in line with your style/tone
  • Proofreading – picking up those annoy little typos and grammatical errors so your copy is ready to publish
  • Copywriting – writing for all the big and little things – your website, landing pages, blogs, press releases, marketing material, social media posts, advertising campaigns, pitches…you get the idea!

Why this works so well

This 10-hour content support package works for a few very important reasons – it allows SMEs to control their content expenditure and you get someone on hand that understands your business, your goals, your style and tone. It eliminates the need for seeking and receiving quotes for those little jobs. It eliminates the need for constantly briefing a content specialist on your brand (or worse yet – working with someone you don’t brief eek).

Who this package works best for

This package works best for SMEs and Start-ups – those without the budget, capacity or energy to have someone on the team full-time (or even part-time). You get an experienced content specialist on your team without the ongoing headaches of someone permanent. I even provide my own coffee – and that’s a huge bonus!

“Connie is passionate about her work and AMAZING at what she does! We started with a 10 hour package and after a few weeks and multiple tasks, we thought we would surely be out of time but no…Connie works extremely fast, yet takes the time to work out exactly what we need. She provides the perfect copy in the brand voice that truly represents us. 
Now, I’m not sure if we can survive without her.” Belinda Scott and Crystal McGregor – Co-founders PUCTTO 

How it works…

It’s super easy and that’s the beauty of it!

  1. Let’s have a chat (a complementary discovery session) so I can get a handle on how we can work together.
  2. Give the go-ahead to get started.
  3. You’ll be sent your 10-hour package invoice and access to your task running sheet. As soon as your invoice is paid it’s all systems go – flick through tasks you need sorted.
  4. Tasks will be completed and shared via Google Docs and the time it takes tracked via your running sheet.
  5. Any time your hours revert to zero a new invoice will be sent through. How often this is – well that depends on the level of support you require and how frequently.

The nitty gritty

So let’s go through the nitty gritty details…

  • The cost – $750 +GST per 10 hour content support package*
  • All 10-hour package invoices are immediately payable (this is a prepaid service) and I reserve the right to put work on hold until your invoice is paid
  • Packages do not expire – if you need sporadic assistance and your 10-hour package runs over months – that’s totally cool!

*If you are an agency and require support on behalf on your clients please get in touch and we can discuss white label pricing and how that works.