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Curated Content is clever not cheating

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Curated Content is clever not cheating

Let’s get this out of the way first – using content curation in your digital marketing strategy is not cheating, in fact, it’s very clever….here’s why…

I know a museum curator and she spends a huge amount of time and effort to carefully select (curate) just the right pieces to make an exhibition interesting – same thing for your content.

Content curation aids your readers in your area of expertise and provides value. There is a massive amount of content out there (remember – you will be exposed to more content just today than your grandfather probably saw in his entire life) and it can be an effort to find content that’s actually worth the time to read. If you take that work away from your readers and do the culling for them – they’ll value both your skill and your time.

Why curate rather than write content?

It saves time

Content curation is not (and should not be viewed as) a shortcut. Sure, it can definitely save you some time in comparison to creating your own content and it shouldn’t take the place of creating your own content, but it can help to fill in the spaces in your content marketing. If you are creating one high quality piece of content per week you could also curate 2-3 other pieces in order to consistently provide valuable content to your audience. Content creation (particularly for micro and small business) can place a strain on resources – I get it – so content curation is an excellent way to have happy readers without over committing.

Find new audiences

We all love a bit of flattery, a compliment here and there, our content to be shared – it’s why we go to the effort of creating it in the first place, right? When you share someone else’s content remember to tag them to make sure they know about it. When you share their content they are more likely to share your post with their audiences so it offers the potential for you to find new audiences and connect with influencers.

It builds trust

Rather than just talking about yourself or your business in your content, you can curate content that demonstrates that you are knowledgeable, up to date with the latest happenings in your industry and even an expert in your field.

This goes to building authority. Bonus points if you add your opinion of the content and highlight why you agree or disagree with it.

It can be just as interesting for your audience to read your opinion or point of view on why you think a piece of content is spot on or what it gets wrong, and it shows that you are an expert in your niche.

So, how to maximise content curation

  • Add your opinion when you share the content – this adds value
  • Put content curation into your schedule – stay on the lookout for great content to share, schedule it and ensure that you are constantly, consistently sharing interesting content
  • Use tools to make it easier – there are tools like Buzzsumo and Feedly that can help you to track content in your niche to you get the pick of the trending content and you are share it as soon as it goes live. A few of my other, personal favourites are Twitter, the Facebook save function, Pocket and Google Alerts.

Don’t get me wrong – content curation is not a shortcut and it is not easy. Yes, it may be faster than creating all of your content from scratch but it is not a get of of jail free/I don’t have to create any of my own content anymore type deal – okay?

Valuable content curation take times, an eye for great content and spot on reflexes for the content that will appeal to your audience. Take your time with curation, take it seriously. Find content that your readers will genuinely want to read. Find content that is genuinely worth reading. Done right – content curation can become an essential aspect of your content marketing strategy.

And, if you do it right you may even find that over time people follow you on social media or sign up to your mailing list because you become the go to for all the best content.