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Does my small business need a media kit?

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Does my small business need a media kit?

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In a nutshell; yes, your small business does need a media kit. In fact, they are a key sales tool for small businesses and bloggers, regardless of industry or niche.
What is a media kit?
Put simply, a media kit is a multi-page document which is used to promote your business and sell your services to potential clients, influencers, collaborators and the media.
They are used in different ways for different types of businesses:
Bloggers – used to sell advertisements, sponsored posts and brand collaborations
Service based businesses – used to promote and sell packages.
Product based businesses – used to sell products to influencers and wholesalers
Magazines and digital media – use to sell advertising space
Your media kit can be created in a PDF and either printed or attached to an email.
What should be included in your media kit?
Overall, you’re trying to let people know about your business and three main aspects:
1. Why what you do matters
2. What it is that makes your offering different from your competitors
3. How your process ensures exceptional results
Here’s an outline of a media kit you can use:
Introduction – introduce you and your business – what you do, who you are, what purpose your business serves.
Your mission – outline your way of differentiating your business from your competitors as well as what you stand for.
Testimonials – supply some reviews which show how great your business is.
FAQs – not only does this cut down on the amount of time spent answering all those little questions, but it highlights your understanding of what your potential clients want to know about you.
List of notable clients – these don’t need to be the biggest and the best, but those who truly have found benefit in your service/product.
Services – tell the people exactly what it is that you do.
Packages and rates – Spell it all out so there are no nasty surprises and you can save time in not having to deal with the tyre-kickers.
Statistics (if applicable) – for example, if you’re a blogger or influencer – include your blog/site numbers and your social media stats. If you’re a website designer – include the number of sites you have create. You get the idea…
Processes – let the people know how you work and the process they are likely to be involve in should they engage your services.
Contact information – don’t forget the most important bit…include all your contact information so they can engage with you.
Once you have the basic copy in place you can pretty it up – include your branding, imagery and examples of your work.
So, as a small business have your media kit ready to go. The next time you get a query all you need to do is flick through your media kit. Don’t forget to follow up if you don’t hear back within a few days (don’t be pushy of course) and don’t forget to update your media kit on a regular basis or as services, packages, rates etc. change.

If you need help to craft your media kit just sing out.

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