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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing, if done right, of course. So, that leads us nicely to the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.


Do grow your list in the correct way – use a sign-up form that requires your subscribers to opt-in to receive your email communications.

Don’t buy a list – please! The people on that list have no connection with your business and are more than likely to resent your communication. In fact, buying a list could even be illegal and in breach of Australian privacy laws.


Do send out a welcome email they people subscribe to your list – this can be an automated email but ensure the copy and message is warm and inviting.

Don’t make your brand-new subscribers wait to hear from you once they have signed up.


Do include fantastic pre-header copy to provide additional context to your message and to encourage readers to open that email.

Don’t forget to include pre-header copy in your email communications.


Do segment your list based on interests, demographics or even the reader’s stage in your buying cycle.

Don’t send the same email to everyone – unless all your subscribers are the same, and that would be highly unusual.

Personal messages

Do get personal – greet readers by their first name or personalise the email communication in some way. Getting personal will increase the chances of the email being opened by up to 26%.

Don’t send a completely generic email unless essential.

Automated messages

Do use marketing automation tools to create real and customised customer journeys.

Don’t send disconnected one-off emails – try and build a relationship.

Content & images

Do use interesting content tailored specifically to the attributes of your subscribers. Consider content and images designed to work for aspects such as gender and geo-location.

Don’t use the exact same images and content for every segment of your subscriber list.

Time zones

Do send out your email communications based on time zones. Hint, this is another way you can segment your email list.

Don’t send out your emails to all time zones at the same time, it just won’t work. Do you open emails you receive at 2am or do they get lost amongst all the other by the time you start your day?

Typos and links

Do check and double check that your email is correct and working as it should before you hit that send button.

Don’t send out email that contain spelling errors, grammar mistakes or typos -you will appear unprofessional. Also, don’t send out an email that contains broken links – you will diminish the effectiveness of your message.

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