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Email Marketing is still number one

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Email Marketing is still number one

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Digital Marketing methods come and go – some faster than others – but despite some rumours – email marketing is here to stay and is, in fact, the number one digital marketing method.

72% of consumers claim that email marketing is their most preferred way they prefer to receive promotions from businesses. Why?

Because people love the control they have with email marketing. Email marketing allows us to manage preferences and unsubscribe when we wish. This means that will all receive communications, messages, promotions and offers that we actually want – and we given retain a certain amount of control over the when – we get to decide on when we open that email sitting in our inbox.

The bottom line is consumers trust the inbox because digital marketers respect their permission. There aren’t many other media that allow consumers to manage communication with brands like that.

If you’re a current client of mine chances are you’ve already heard this but for everyone else…

Email marketing is still the best form of digital marketing – hands down. Why? Because getting someone’s email address is like them inviting your into their home, to sit on the couch to have a cuppa and a chat – it’s gold.

Email marketing appeals to digital marketers and small businesses because it is measurable. We can easily calculate the return on investment for each campaign; this is definitely not the case in other marketing methods. The return on your investment with email marketing is the highest of all marketing channels and does the job of converting subscribers into paying customers much more easily, quickly and cost effectively!

And, it doesn’t need to be a time consuming or expensive exercise either – it just needs to be respected, consistent, appropriate. There are email platforms that are easy to use and even free until you are sending out a huge amount of emails. You can segment your lists so that messages can be tailored exactly to those readers. You can sell, offer discount codes, launch products, educate, inform, entertain – and it can all be personalised to those on your database.

So, are you using email marketing? Are you using it effectively? Sing out if you need any help getting started or if you need someone to take it over – to make sure it gets done consistently and effectively.

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