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Half of Australian small businesses don’t even have a website

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Half of Australian small businesses don’t even have a website

Quite frankly, it boggles my mind that only 50% of Australian small businesses have their own website…in 2018! According to the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report (which looked into the marketing strategies of over 1000 SMEs and over 1000 consumers across the country) only half of small business have a website. Why is this a big problem? Well, the research also found that 62% of consumers will stop considering engaging with a small business if they cannot find info about them online.

Some other interesting findings:

  • 83% of consumers believe that using search engines is either important or very important when finding a business
  • 47% of consumers under 40 state using a search engine to find or find out more about a small business at least once a day
  • Yet, only 26% of small business are using SEO tactics to reach more consumers on platforms such as Google
  • Over 50% of small business said they don’t intend to use SEO tactics
  • 72% said SEM (search engine marketing) doesn’t currently form part of their plans

See the problem here?

Consumers want to be able to find you online and via search engines and yet small business isn’t taking the effort to even be there!

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO doesn’t need to be scary – no, really. It all comes down to three main components: technical, content and linking. Firstly ensure that you have the right focus keywords – there’s absolutely no point in ranking for terms or phrases that consumers aren’t using!

Technical – your website infrastructure and where your business is currently positioned online. Where do you currently rank? What sort of traffic are you currently getting? This will help you to identify where improvements are required.

Content – creating blog posts, landing pages, web pages that demonstrate your offering and your message, while also providing SEO opportunities.

Linking – connecting to other, valuable, credible websites and social media.

I get that many small businesses find SEO an overwhelming, confusing, time consuming and expensive task but your SEO strategy can be built up over time and conducted using many free tools available, such as Google Analytics.

“Every increase in rank can potentially impact the amount of traffic your website receives from the search results – sometimes dramatically, which is why many businesses devote a little time to ongoing optimisation,” Telstra said in the report.

To understand the basics of SEO and how to implement it for your small business I recommend taking Kate Toon’s 10 Day SEO Challenge.

Mobile responsiveness

Another issue this research highlighted…

  • 48% of consumer shop on a mobile device at least once a week
  • A third of e-commerce small business report that they don’t have a mobile-friendly website!!
  • 74% of small business favor talking to customers face-to-face
  • 28% of consumer want to chat with business online
  • 9% of small business are interested in chatting to consumers online

Seeing the disconnect? Small business needs to understand how their customers want to chat and trade and ensure they are there as well.

If you’re a small business that hasn’t yet dipped their toes into the online world, you might be missing out of a huge amount of business. Not sure where to start? My No Bullshit Digital Package might just be the thing for you.

You can learn more here or get in touch with any questions you have.