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How daily orgasms can help with your marketing and content

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How daily orgasms can help with your marketing and content

Happy National Orgasm Day – yep – it’s a real thing. And since I think we could all use something a little light to read at the moment…let’s take a look at how daily orgasms can help with your marketing and content.

Celebrated in numerous countries around the world (including my fair Australia) on July 31st each year, this day is to highlight sexual climax and raise awareness for issues surround sexual climax.

Turns out an orgasm a day could be hugely beneficial to the process of creating your marketing and content. Seriously!

On top of numerous physical and psychological health benefits – some are listed below – orgasms could help you in your entire business – and you don’t even need a ‘business’ partner necessarily.

Orgasms provide a natural stress relief and can relieve pain. The hormone oxytocin (the love hormone) is released when you orgasm – while making you feel of warm and fuzzy it can also bring about feelings of increased self-esteem, trust and optimism. Think we can all use a bit more of that lately – and channelling that into our copy could work wonders as we move from the community’s need for facts and figures into their want for care and support.

This one may sound a little strange but according to a study by Professor Keith Leavitt from Oregon State University, a daily orgasm makes you better at your work/job (and more likely to get a promotion if you work for someone else). For all of us – guys and gals – we’re more productive, focused and engaged if we indulged in an orgasm the night before. Perfect for creating content that appeals to our target audiences.

Worried about down time or not bringing your A game? Some ‘stress relief’ can help with that too.

Orgasms are good for heart health, boosting our immune systems (due to a rise of antibodies), helps us sleep by releasing endorphins which have a sedative effect, burns anywhere from 60-100 calories (more if it’s a result of an intense, sweaty sex session – cancel cardio at the gym), and aids in clearing your skin (by reducing your hormone levels.) Another fun fact – men who ejaculate 21 times per month reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 22% – but don’t forget to get checked fellas.

And lastly, but by no means less importantly – if you’re in business, particularly for yourself –and you’re prepping to create Q4 marketing and content strategy in a seriously uncertain time or you’re still creating campaigns and content for Q3 – you deserve to have a bit of fun every day.  

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