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How to have customers crushing on you – even in a time of COVID

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How to have customers crushing on you – even in a time of COVID

2020 has brought to the fore the importance of connectedness – with family, with friends, with community, with customers – regardless of location. We’ve all had to think outside the box a tad in order to stay in touch.

Not sure about you but my 2020 has be full to the brim of Zoom meetings, Slack video calls, Google Meets, remote learning apps, and even teaching (from an appropriate social distance) an elderly neighbour how to use Facetime. I’ve sent cupcakes to a friend for their ISO birthday. I’ve had clients and associates send me care packs (love you guys). Even a LinkedIn connection gifted me bags of coffee beans (HubSpot has a friend for life – just saying). It’s been full of some different ways to connect and while some have been a bit blah, some have been enlightening, lovely and have created stronger connections.

So, what does this have to do with content and marketing in general? We need to take that rediscovered sense of connectedness, not lose it, and use it to truly nurture our relationships with customers and have them crushing on us. I’m honestly excited that communications are being forced away from the beige left-brain marketing and towards the right-brain marketing that I personally love to create and receive.

To catch you up – left-brain tends to encompass the following traits:

  • Logical
  • Focused on facts
  • Realism predominates
  • Planned and orderly
  • Math-and-science-minded
  • Prefers nonfiction

Whereas right-brain tends to encompass:

  • Emotional
  • Focused on are and creativity
  • Imagination predominates
  • Occasionally absentminded
  • Prefers fiction
  • Enjoys creative storytelling

Particularly the 12 months leading up to the global pandemic, marketing was very left-brain. It had a narrow focus, it was goal oriented and full of black and white thinking. It focused squarely on objects and products over people. It used direct and hard sell techniques. It focused on performance and features of the products over solutions it could offer. Ugh! And, it didn’t really work – just check out some of the worst performing advertising for some interesting examples.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s a time and place for facts and figures. At the beginning of COVID it is what we collectively craved – tell me all the things – the numbers, the curve graphs, the locations plotted on a map. But that time is over. Now people are calling out for something different – we want connection, we want creativity, we want empathetic thinking. We want right-brain content and marketing.

So, want your customers to crush on you – want to be the one that makes their heart beat a little bit faster – want to be the one that causes that intoxicating butterflies in the stomach? If you want to connect and keep their attention – no, don’t play hard to get – just implement some right-brained marketing and communications.

Need help to make your offering more attractive, more right-brained – just get in touch – I’m a right brained girl from way back.