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KISS me passionately…content that connects

writing on the wild side

KISS me passionately…content that connects


‘Passionate kisses
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
Oo oo ooh
Cause I’m on fire when you love me
Kiss me passionately
Pash me, pash me, pash me’

Now that you have the ‘97 hit ‘Pash me’ by Kate Ceberano stuck in your head (you’re welcome), let’s discuss kissing or the KISS principle specifically. You’ve heard it before, right?

If you’re too young to know this reference or you didn’t grow up in Australia in the 90s…allow me to educate you…





An approach coined way back in the 60s, it champions simplicity – in design, content, marketing, everything really. It’s an approach that’s also logical – unnecessary complexity and processes and steps and even people should be avoided.

KISS is becoming more and more relevant in copywriting – well that’s what I believe, and here’s why. Excellent copywriting is all about communicating a message clearly and concisely, and in an engaging and compelling way. This is NOT achieved using fancy smancy big words or long, too clever sentences and paragraphs. Plain language, simple structures, great readability is where it’s at. So, pucker up and get ready to pash as we lean into KISS copywriting.

Plain language is:

Faster and easier to read (and even scan)

Hands up who reads blogs, websites, emails, posts while on the phone, waiting at school pick up, cooking dinner, or even on the loo (seriously that’s a thing eek)? In these instances while the content may have your interest, it doesn’t have your full attention so when you stumble at a complicated phrase or word you’re likely to stop…you just scroll on or focus on the other task at hand. Same for your readers! However, when you use plain, simple copy the eye just happily moves along, right to the end of the content!

Easier to understand

Lots of words mean the same thing, or near enough to it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a bigger word, or a more sophisticated word, is better. Generally, no. Everyone’s vocabulary is different, so you run the risk of using language your reader finds confusing or doesn’t understand. No faster way to lose someone than making them feel silly!

It’s relatable

Plain language is exactly that – plain. We all understand it, we all use it – it’s relatable. And, when your target audience relates to your brand, it’s so much easier for them to engage with it.

It’s direct

Complex language adds a lot of fluffy crap to your copy and dilutes your message.

Why say commence when you mean start?

Why say customer when you mean you?

Why say utilise when you mean use?

Why say purchase when you mean buy?

Why say kiss and caress amorously which you mean pash?

Plain language is clear and encourages direct action. Bigger words are a distraction – they take longer to read, slow down your copy and make comprehension harder. And that’s just a wasted opportunity.

And, my favourite…it’s easy to inject personality

Using the KISS approach and writing in plain language does not have to mean that your copy is also beige, boring and blah. It can be simple and striking – and in your brand’s style and tone.

Plain language is actually the perfect framework or foundation for your brand voice – it covers all the basics so you can then use language choices that make your brand pop.

You can still add colours to your words. You can play with pacing and structure. You can be creative and wild. But it’s all on your terms – it’s writing on the wild side.

So if you want your audience to fall in love with you – keep it simple stupid, use plain language and pucker up ready to engage.

Struggling with this approach in your copy? Check out my content coaching package -it may just be the thing to make you a better kisser.