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Let’s talk about ‘about’ pages

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Let’s talk about ‘about’ pages

The very first thing I’d love you to know when creating or revising your ‘about’ web page is this…you will never be everyone’s cuppa of coffee and that’s okay. Your about page should not ever speak to everyone, it should speak directly to your people. Your about page is your opportunity to start a relationship, for potential clients to get to know you, for you to show your personality.

Why is a killer about page so important? 

Easy…your about page is one of the most frequently visited pages on your website. This is where you will seal the deal, particularly for service based businesses. Not convinced? Visitor/conversion stats coming from about us pages so people as five times more likely to purchase AND they will spend 22.5% more. So if your about page sucks…think about what you stand to lose. 

What are the common mistakes that people make with about pages? 

  • People don’t take it seriously and don’t understand or will underestimate its importance
  • They use hype and bold claims rather than facts and specifics – visitors can tell when you’re BSing
  • It’s too much me, me, me or us, us, us – yes it’s ‘about us’ but you need to remember to showcase, talk with – not at and give the readers what they want to know about you
  • They hide instead of taking the opportunity to give a peek behind the curtains and show themselves in action

My top tips for about pages

  • Forge a connection – get up close and personal, show the real you
  • Be interesting – use a conversational style if possible and appropriate
  • Express your values – tell people what it is that you stand for
  • Use social proof* – add in testimonials, credits, awards
  • Tell a story – How you solved the existing problem for yourself and how you now solve the existing problem for others

*If you’re a new business or start-up (so you perhaps don’t have any social proof yet) share your goals and what you’re doing to achieve them.

My simple advice for about pages

I don’t do difficult advice – people never listen or follow that so – my simple advice for about pages is this: 

  • There is no such thing as perfect – just get it done
  • Your about page will evolve and grow and you and your business do – keep tweaking it
  • Undertake creating your customer avatars and Tone of Voice first so you know exactly who it is that you’re talking to and how you talk to them

Simple structure to an about page – answer these questions:

  • Is your business big or small?
  • Are you family-owned, local, multinational? 
  • How long have you been operating?
  • Who’s in charge? 
  • Where are you based / where do you service? 
  • What makes you special? 
  • What are your core values? 
  • Why you over your competitors? 

Always finish your about content with an email signup/lead magnet (in case they aren’t quite ready to engage with you but they want to stay in touch) and a CTA.

Feeling a bit too close to your business, team, self to create a killer about us page? It happens more often than you may think. Never fear – flick me an email and I can get it sorted for you.