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Let’s talk about sex and how it’s like content marketing

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Let’s talk about sex and how it’s like content marketing

Let’s talk about sex, baby (sing it)

Let’s talk about you and me (sing it, sing it)

Let’s talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

Let’s talk about sex (come on)

Let’s talk about sex (do it)

Let’s talk about sex (uh-huh)

Let’s talk about sex

At the end of last year I taught a masterclass with the topic ‘how content was like a relationship’ and it got my mind to thinking a little deeper…so, let’s talk about sex and how it’s like content marketing – really – trust me – I really have thought long and ‘hard’ about this.

Content marketing is no different to the stages we all, as humans, go through when engaging in sex. I’m not talking positions, props etc….more like the process of human sexual response.

Stage 1 – Excitement

When we think sex is on the cards excitement builds – often before we are even in the same room. And, what do we do? We prep, right?

We look for any gaps in our presentation, our offering and we take steps to fill these gaps. This might be some body-scaping (some waxing or shaving – basic hygiene at the very very least), a trip to the chemist to ensure all required protection is readily available. Same when we undertake content marketing – first up is a content audit…we look at the types, frequency and quality of content we currently offer and identify any gaps. We look at what content moves potential partners forward and addresses pain points/offers value. We lead them through awareness, purchase and advocacy. We allow the excitement to build. We identify what’s missing in the scenario, what needs to be created or refreshed.

We should all know this one – you can’t just dive on in…everyone needs some foreplay, some turn on, some lubrication…same with content. We’re not going to go the hard sell on the first contact, right? We’re going to work through the process of awareness, interest, desire before we get to action.

Stage 2 – Plateau

This is where the physical sexual arousal builds. In content marketing this is where we build a transparent process for communication with everyone involved. Akin perhaps to a discussion about safe sex, comfort zones, preferences, what we’d like to participate in, or even safe words – not necessarily the most interesting of topics but practical and can be spiced up with the right words.

We continue to build the expectation by outlining asset types, targets, production dates, audiences, writers, requesters and the current stage all our content is at. We’re close…can you feel it?

Stage 3 – Orgasm

If you’re doing it right – the very best bit. This is where we take things up a notch – we create new copy, we repurpose copy, we build evergreen copy. We’re avoiding things like dated, short term stats etc. at this point. Yes, yes, yes..we’re after the multiple orgasms, the organic reach, the connection, the engagement, the search results.

To reach orgasm sometimes we may need to switch things up a bit, if you know what I mean. We can experiment with different types of content – ebooks, infographics, blogs, case studies, video – they do say that variety is the spice of life and you never know what’s going to tickle the fancy of your audience until you try.

Stage 4 – Resolution

Arousal slowly subsides and things return to normal but it never really ends there, does it? You replay things in your mind, your body may still feel the leftovers of the encounter. In content marketing this is the stage at which we look at the distribution channels and measure the effects of our efforts. What worked? What didn’t? What really got your motor running? What can’t you wait to do again? Also, what was a bit blah and could use a bit of finesse for next time.

A note about enthusiastic consent:

When a prospect engages with our content and provides contact info eg. subscribes to our email list or takes up an offer for our lead magnet – it’s a bit the same really as providing enthusiastic consent. And exactly like with sexual consent – they may rescind that consent to contact them at any time and you must respect that. Not only is that the lawful thing to do, it’s just the right, respectful thing to do.


Can we outsource this? Absolutely – there’s a reason it’s the oldest profession in the world – sex work, not content creation lol. If you don’t have the time or just aren’t prepared to give it the old college try then don’t…outsource it. There’s nothing worse than a halfhearted effort – am I right?

Can we go it alone?

I’m a huge advocate for self-pleasure – you need to know your own personal style, taste, tone before you can get others involved, right? At the very least you need to know the basics to handle things yourself – get some coaching, take a short course – learn the basics and then practice, practice, practice…until you get it perfect!

Right tools / toys

Tools, toys – call them what you will – they can make things a lot more interesting – for sexual pleasure and content marketing. Use Canva to create insight infographics, Biteable or Vidwiz to create videos. Set up Google Alerts to stay on top of trends in your industry. Even use a humble spreadsheet to create a content plan and stick to it.

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