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Looking like leveraging LinkedIn?

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Looking like leveraging LinkedIn?

Don’t you just love a little alliteration? Seriously though, if you’re looking into using LinkedIn then you’ve landed in the right place.

Firstly, let’s understand a bit more about LinkedIn – it’s a B2B platform so if that’s your business model then, chances are, it’s the place for you to be. This is the place to showcase your expertise and connect with like-minded businesses and people. And, LinkedIn doesn’t have the same credibility issues of others that are plagued by fake news (for now at least).

As an added bonus, LinkedIn advertising really can work. In fact, according to LinkedIn, their content and sponsored updates have 15 times more engagement than job adverts. Of course, any LinkedIn adverts should be implemented and managed as part of a well-designed content strategy.

So, here’s the top tips to making the most of LinkedIn for your business…

Share engaging content – it must be of high quality and not be salesy. Don’t share content about your business but your expertise – market trends, case studies, and industry insights will hit the spot.

Offer value – there is so much information readily available on the Internet so focus on providing real value to your readers and connections.

Be authentic – the aim is to establish yourself (and by default your brand/business) as an expert and thought leader so you must be authentic, always.

Stay up-to-date – make sure that your LinkedIn personal profile and company page is updates. The information, especially contact information, qualifications and memberships, must be current in order to cement your standing and professionalism.

Post regularly – Use your company page to post updates and then share the content via your personal profile, just don’t overdo it. If you have valuable content to share on a weekly basis then that is amazing. If not, aim to share updates on at least a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Use your connections – you can extract your personal LinkedIn connections into your company page. This will send an invite to all of them to follow your company page and therefore build your followers there.

Increase your website traffic – if you run a WordPress website you can integrate with LinkedIn meaning that you can have blog posts on LinkedIn which are hosted on your website leading to increase click-throughs and traffic to your website.

Targeted advertising – LinkedIn has some of the most accurate targeting of any ad platform – it has important and finite targeting parameters such as job positions, industries and so much more.

If you need a hand setting up your profile/company page, updating your profiles or even managing your profiles just sing out and we can organise a time to chat.

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