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Online Dating & Content Learnings – the name

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Online Dating & Content Learnings – the name

The beginning of a short series about online dating and what it can teach us about content and business communications. This is part curiosity, part therapy, part teaching, and part – my bestie is getting a little over hearing about it all.

Where to begin?

After a few decades I’m back dating and boy is it different. But then, so is business, right? Often the very first impression people have of us and our business these days is online – so we’ve got to make it count.

And the very first thing that people may be exposed to (perhaps a bad choice of words considering I’m comparing to dating apps lol) is your name. – that of your business or product or service or dating profile. I get the need for privacy and anonymity – using a business/product name rather than just our own name – using a pseudonym when online dating. But, please make it appropriate. And, please make it…not gross.

How to choose a name for your business/product or online dating profile:

  1. Be descriptive but not too general or vague eg. Grammarly
  2. Use related/real words in a creative way eg. Ford Mustang
  3. Add a prefix or a suffix eg. iPhone
  4. Change the spelling eg. Froot Loops
  5. Create a compound word eg. DropBox
  6. Tweak and/or blend a word eg. Pictionary – Picture + Dictionary
  7. Use a person’s name or place eg. Bondi Yoghurt (this should be used with caution – what happens if you move?)
  8. Use or create your own verb eg. Hoover (again a little bit of caution required should you want to add to your product/service range over time)
  9. Create an acronym/use initials or numbers eg. Rav4 (be aware that this option can take longer to build brand recognition and might be more difficult for people to remember)
  10. Make up a word eg. Doritos (same warning as above)

And a few extra tips – obviously the last two are more appropriate for business than online dating:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Consider your audience (please!)
  3. Don’t copy your competitors
  4. Choose a name that’s scalable
  5. Make sure you have a related domain and social profiles

For online dating profiles – please don’t use sexual positions, crass words etc. – especially if you say you’re looking for a relationship – not a great first impression. Sure, I’ll remember the name, but not for the right reasons.

Stay tuned for more learnings from the world of online dating – it’s quite the journey.