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Online Dating & Content Learnings – the spelling and grammar

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Online Dating & Content Learnings – the spelling and grammar

The next blog in a short series about online dating and what it can teach us about content and business communications. This is part curiosity, part therapy, part teaching, and part – my bestie is getting a little over hearing about it all.

The first blog was about – the name – and you can find it here.

Regardless of your business – good spelling, correct grammar and the appropriate use of punctuation inspires confidence – in you, your team and your business. Clients and customers are more likely to trust a business that communicates correctly and clearly. 

Similarly, with online dating, if your bio is full of typos and poor grammar, I’m going to assume – that you’re really not taking the whole thing seriously. 

Your website will communicate to potential clients key information about your business. Your online dating profile/bio will communicate to potential dates key information about you. 

For each of these to perform its job, the content needs to be clearly and authoritatively written. The biggest obstacles to clear and authoritative communication – poor grammar and spelling mistakes (even if they are just innocent typos). And today, there’s really no excuse for it with a range of online tools available and professional proofreaders at the ready.

Here’s why it’s super bad…

Google will punish you

Google will rank your page lower in search results if it finds spelling and grammar mistakes. The ranking algorithm values well-written content over that riddled with errors. 

Similarly, online dating apps show those deemed most popular. So, should potential dates be ignoring your profile due to spelling and grammar errors, you’ll be seen by less people. 

Your credibility will suffer

Would you trust a financial advisor that couldn’t spell ‘accountant’ correctly? Or a plastic surgeon who misspells ‘rhinoplasty’? Nope, you’ll leave that site in order to find someone with more credibility. 

Same for online dating – would you match with someone that made a mistake spelling their occupation. 

Even though spelling might not be related to your product or service (or ability to be a fantastic date) – it does make you appear to be sloppy, lazy and apathetic. 

I don’t understand

While some errors don’t affect the message – the reader can put together the intended meaning – you really don’t want the reader to have to work hard to understand what you’re saying. Other errors can cause a bigger issue, making the entire meaning of your communication misleading, obscure or completely indecipherable. 

I saw an online dating bio recently that stated they wanted to find someone that would ‘complicate’ their life rather than ‘complement’ it. (I kid you not) It makes me question if you really do know what you’re looking for. 

You could become popular for the wrong reason

Some errors have been found to make engagement of social media posts soar. Some mistakes have made websites go viral. Is this what you really want though? To be popular for the wrong reasons? 

Do you even care? 

Typos happen – we are human – but should those mistakes be frequent or not fixed in a timely manner – you just come off as not caring enough. This uncaring attitude will hurt the authority of the information on your website, you and your business. If you can’t be bothered to read over and correct any errors in your content, why should a client or a potential match?

PS To the gent who had the below on his online dating profile – duly noted!

You should *not* go out with me if 

Your a person who has poor grammar

PPS Need a professional proof reader – you know how to get in touch.