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Social Media advice you’ll never get from me (part 1)

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Social Media advice you’ll never get from me (part 1)

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There is some crazy social media advice out there – some of which has been around for years – but taking this advice will not help your social media efforts – it could, in fact, cause you damage. So, here’s the social media advice you’ll never get from me – and why!


You need to be on all the platforms

There’s still some out there telling people that more platforms mean more success – wrong! While I do recommend grabbing your business name (handle) on lots of platforms (so others can’t) you’d be crazy to try and effectively manage heaps of social media platforms at the same time. Chances are it will just be a waste of time and money – and it’s highly unlikely that some platforms are even where your audience even hang out. You can’t everything and everywhere at the same time – and do it properly.


Those telling you to be on more than 2 or 3 social media platforms at one time – I can bullshit. Focus on the two platforms where your target audience are – prioritise here or your social media efforts will be in vain.


More posting, the better

When starting out on social media you can struggle to find enough content to post and yet there are still people telling you to post more, and more. But here’s the thing…what do you do when you see an account that just spits out updates/posts on random topics really frequently? You tune out, right? You may even unfollow.


In fact, with social media – less is sometimes better. Ensure that when you do post it’s kick ass content that your audience is interested in. Measure, view your insights so you can determine the right amount of content for the platform you’re using and your audience.


All automation is evil

Those with the blanket advice ‘do not automate your social media accounts or people will unfollow you’ really have no understanding of what it’s like to handle multiple accounts of sometimes tens of thousands of followers each. And they usually have no clue what it’s like to handle accounts while also running a small business. Automation can be a lifesaver.


The trick here is to use automation for less important tasks so that it frees up some time and resources for the more important aspects of your social media marketing.


Automation is the be-all to end all

And then there’s the opposite end of the bad advice spectrum – automate everything! Particularly if you are new to social media – automating everything is so dangerous. Social media is a two way conversation and involves a huge degree of social listening – if you just set and forget you’ll be missing a really valuable opportunity to get to know and engage with your audience. Before automating anything you should undertake a certain amount of measuring and testing to ensure that what you plan on automating will work. A couple of things to keep in mind before automating – particularly with any third party apps:


  • Facebook algorithms appears to give reach preference to posts scheduled directly on their platform


  • Using a third party app to post may be in violation of the terms of use of the platform – as it is with Instagram


Link all your accounts

‘Connect all your social media accounts and save time’ – bullocks! I actually thought we’d got past this but recently there seems to have been a resurgence of linked accounts – for me it a massive no no. Why?


Different social media platforms have different posting schedules and formats for a reason. If people want to be tweets – they will follow you on Twitter. If they want to see your images – they will follow you on Instagram or Pinterest. Tweets on Facebook won’t cut it. Hashtags on Facebook look well…wanky. People aren’t stupid (for the most part) and they know that you’re just cutting corners – sadly they then feel that you’re not putting in enough effort and that they are not important to you.


Unlink those accounts – create posts specifically to suit the platform (or two) that you use – post on the right day, at the right time, in the right way for that social media platform.


Use as many hashtags as you can

Again, I’m calling BS – big time! Here’s a quick guide – they are not necessary on Facebook or LinkedIn, only use one or two on Twitter, and while you can add a maximum of 30 on Instagram – 11 is the sweet spot. Using restricted or banned hashtags on Instagram could mean that you are posting and yet no one will be able to see your posts. Overall – do you research before you start #hashtagging #everything.


Tag all the influencers

Alright, so influencer marketing is the new trend but there’s so much more to influencer marketing than just tagging influencers in tweets, grams, or posts – regardless of platform. Consider this – how would you feel if some random person kept tagging you in spammy message? Best case scenario they just ignore you. Worst – they report you as a spammer and you cope a ban.


If you want to engage in influencer marketing – absolutely – it can be fantastic – but like everything else in digital marketing – it needs to be done with a strategy in place and in the right way. Sing out if you want to discuss this further.


Always respond to negative comments, no wait, never respond, no wait….

Okay, so negative comments hurt feelings – I get it – so, to respond or not respond – that’s the question. Firstly, trolls – don’t take them seriously – you will never win and they will never stop.


Secondly, negative comments – attend to them but you don’t necessarily need to respond. Sometimes you should and other times it’s best to ignore. This is where a social media policy (and trusting your gut) comes into place. A policy allows you to act in a predetermined, appropriate way – keeping the emotion well at bay.


You will never please all of the people, all of the time. So my advice is to not sweat it – deal with it (or not) and move on – there’s more to life (and business).


There’s more advice you’ll never hear me give next time – this one’s getting a bit long. If you have any questions about this just sing out.

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