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Social Media advice you’ll never get from me (part 2)

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Social Media advice you’ll never get from me (part 2)

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Okay, back for part 2 of social media advice you’ll need get from me. Caught up on part 1 first? Ready? Let’s go…


Just get started and worry about the strategy later


Wrong, just plain wrong. Getting started with your social media marketing without a strategy will just lead to frustration and a loss of time, effort and money. My very first question to anyone seeking social media management services is ‘what do you want to achieve from social media?’ It just has to be. Social media (and any other form of digital marketing for that matter) must be in line with your business goals.


Your strategy doesn’t need to be set in concrete and may not be absolute right and on track from the beginning but you do need to be clear about what you’re doing, where you’re headed and why. How else will you know if it’s working or not? This is the way you will be able to analyse, tweak and eventually achieve your goals. If you don’t have a strategy then it’s practically impossible to achieve anything worthwhile.


Get an intern – you don’t need an expert

For starters – getting an intern in Australia is really tricky and in most cases illegal. But the same advice is bandied around for overseas VAs (virtual assistants), a friend wanting a bit of work on the side while the kids are at school, or a teenager of a friend looking for some pocket money. Just don’t do it.


Hiring or engaging someone that only knows the same that you do (nothing or not much) is dangerous. Look, it can work if they are willing to learn, you’re willing to pay them to learn, and you have heaps of time and money to spend on guess-work.


The other issues I have with this type of advice is – once the intern, part-timer or student is ready to move onto other jobs/things – they will. And where does that leave you. My advice is to hire an expert but one that is going to help you to learn and understand (if you’re interested, of course) the ins and outs of social media, what works and what doesn’t, why things are done the way they are, and will arm you with the knowledge to manage it yourself should the need arise.


Social Media = Facebook – end of story

Bullshit! If your social media manager says that Facebook is the be all and the end all of social media marketing and they don’t ‘get’ the other platforms – run.


Sadly, there’s a lot of so called social media managers out there (and social media advertising managers) who think that because they set up one Facebook fanpage they know what they are doing – shudder.


Your business should be on the 2 or 3 social media platforms that are best for your business. That’s what you social media manager should be recommending – not Facebook only because that’s all they know. Not Facebook and Instagram because they are the platforms that they are comfortable with.


Facebook can be a great solution for your social media marketing – but Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram etc. may be too….


Social media is the new email marketing

Again and again – email marketing is dead – again and again – wrong! Totally wrong. And, social media is not the new email marketing. Social media is fantastic and it is also a great way to get subscribers for your email list.


One of the most valuable digital marketing asset you will ever have is your email list – this is where real relationships can be built and real conversions take place.


Social media and email marketing work beautifully together – not separately and not to the exclusion of each other.


Keep your personality out of your social media



People want relationships. People want authenticity. People want you.


Even though we are using social media for our marketing efforts – we still need to be social (as in social media – get it?).


Being always staid, neutral and automated will not gain you an engaged following.


I get it – many people are afraid of showing their personality. It makes you vulnerable – believe me I know how scary that is. But, it’s also what makes you (and me) unique and stand out in the crowd.


Social media is a bit like high school – you will never be friends with or be liked by everyone and that’s ok. If there’s people who don’t like your personality – scroll on and focus on connecting with the people who appreciate who you are.


Post kick ass content and the fans will come

Maybe but not necessarily. Posting great content is always a given but relying on those posts as the only way to grow your following is a little nuts. Who are you showing that content to if you don’t have any followers yet???? Sing out if you want some ideas on how to grow your following!


Only post once a day on Twitter, four times a day on Instagram and three times a month on Facebook…

Firstly, social media success is not just about posting more and more and more all the time.

Secondly, you do have to actually post on the platforms for social media to work for your business.

So, how often and when should you post? Well, there’s actually no simple, one size fits all answer. Want to know why?

Because every business has different goals for social media, different resources and (the big one) different audiences.

Be very very careful about what you post

Okay, this one comes from the whole ‘once it’s on social media it will never get deleted’ so be really careful what you say.

All this advice seems to lead to is a whole bunch of people too afraid of offending and saying the wrong thing that they say nothing at all. Boo!

You and your business are allowed (even encouraged) to have an opinion and a voice on social media. Just remember that you are still talking to people – they too are allowed to have opinions and feelings.

Use my Grandmar rule – if you wouldn’t say it to or in front of your Gran – don’t say it online. Have a social media policy in place to deal with any issues that should arise. And, typically tragedies, religion and politics are often best avoided – often but not always.

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