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The G-Spot

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The G-Spot

And by that, I mean the G-enius spot of content marketing – of course. Not sure where you were going…

When creating concepts, strategies, content – when defining channels and even automations – the genius is in that spot between the data/metrics and the pure magic of creativity – it’s where the sparks fly.

It needs to hit both for the pure genius to happen – for everyone to be satisfied.

So, how do we get there?

For the data/metrics – we define realistic goals, we test, we measure, we learn…over and over – no one hit wonders will work here.

Here’s the goal – engagement, conversions, reach, lead generation, ROI – the somewhat blah bits. Of course, there needs to be strategy to our marketing – otherwise we’re just groping around in the dark. And we need the data, the stats, the metrics to know whether, or not what we’re doing is actually hitting the right spots.

For the magic – we think outside the box, we seek inspiration beyond the norm, we brainstorm…until something out of this world happens. You know that feeling, right?

Here’s the concept, imagery, copy that will blow people’s minds – what they will remember, rave about, fall in love with. Of course, we want to create all the feels, make the toes curl otherwise what is the point?

Now – how do we ensure that we get both? And everyone is happy?

Maybe we are a little less rigid with the data/metrics – we relax a little. Sure, the mechanics are important but just going through the motions never pleased anyone. Let’s just look at a few key metrics – and definitely leave those vanity metrics at the door. Let’s be more adaptable and less structured.

Maybe we tone things down just a tad – we lessen our expectations a little. Magic is awesome but no one likes a selfish lover. Am I right? Let’s ensure that our work is astonishing (orgasmic even) but not completely, ridiculously unbelievable. Let’s not forget who we are doing this all for – the readers, the customers, the clients, the end-users.

Overall, let’s remember humanity, personalisation, connection, communication, compassion, a sense of adventure, fun and humour. It really shouldn’t be that hard to find…

Having trouble finding the G-enius spot with your content? Just get in touch.