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Using nostalgia to create social media campaigns

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Using nostalgia to create social media campaigns

Over the last few weeks and for a couple more, we’ll explore the five psychological tactics you can engage with your social media campaigns to aid you in connecting authentically with your followers and build a strong foundation of a long lasting communal relationship. So you’ll all caught up – you can find out more about communal relationships here, using a human touch to create social media campaigns here, using a compelling story here, having fun and encouraging participation here. Ready? Right – next we’re looking at leverage nostalgia in social media campaigns.

Do you get those FB flashback posts pop up in your personal Facebook newsfeed? How do they make you feel? People often look back upon old memories through rose-tinted glasses and brands that evoke nostalgia also bring about feelings of happy, warm memories that then transfer to the brand. Interesting, right? Remember on the first week where we learned about communal relationships? Nostalgia is a great way to create a familiar, personal and communal relationship with your fans.

How it works

Nostalgia is a powerful psychological trigger which prompts engagement, sharing and social connectedness. And, it can even assist with conversions.

When consumers experience nostalgia in a consumption context, they have a higher purchase likelihood with regard to the advertised products.

-Robert M. Brecht, PhD

As an example, the ‘Pepsi Throwback’ campaign which targeted baby boomers with retro 70s style packaging had raving fans scooping up cases of Pepsi from the supermarket shelves. It equated to $41M in sales in under one year!

How to use this in your social media campaigns

Think throwback thursdays – people go crazy for nostalgia. For one client I work with, when they post a flashback post, their engagement goes amazingly well.

Some tips to consider:

  • Share photos and posts that make fans think about the good old days
  • Create questions or quizzes that evoke nostalgia and encourage participation, tagging and sharing
  • Post photos of your ‘firsts’ – first office, first employees, first product – show how your business has evolved over time

Got any more ideas?

We still have one more psychological tactics to explore so your social media campaigns can help you in connecting authentically with your followers and build a strong foundation of a long lasting communal relationship.

If you can’t wait that long just get in touch and we’ll have a chat about your social media campaigns and how to create communal relationships with your followers.

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