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What is social media marketing anyway?

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What is social media marketing anyway?

Any type of business, in any type of industry will benefit from a well thought out, well implemented marketing campaign.

It will ensure that your brand name, products and services are more easily recognised, you’ll build trust with your target audience and you’ll grow in authority within your field. This said, creating a marketing strategy out of nowhere isn’t easy. Many businesses struggle to identify the best type of marketing – when questions surrounding conversion rates, efficiency, return on investment, costings, responsibility, accountability crop up – overwhelm can set in and marketing gets popped in the ‘too hard’ basket. It doesn’t need to be that way – particularly today – with the beauty that is digital marketing broadly, and social media marketing specifically.

Under digital marketing falls your SEO, your affiliate marketing, your email marketing, your website, and yes, your social media efforts. Ideally they all work together to reach a common business goal but for right now let’s look at – what is social media marketing anyway?

Social media marketing is using any of the social media platforms in order to market a product or a service. Sounds simple, right? Well yes and no. Using social media to actively promote your business is still a relatively new part of digital marketing and this is why I see looks of business still getting it oh so wrong. You need that mind shift – move your ideas about social media away from the idea of ‘connecting with friends’ or even ‘playing games and watching cat videos’ to a viable, effective and powerful marketing tool. Social media marketing is no game and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Social media marketing today provides so fantastic metrics to measure effectiveness of your campaigns, opens up your business to a heap of organic traffic to your website and all without a huge spend – if you get it right.

Where to start with a social media marketing campaign?

Identify an attainable, measurable goal

Having a goal will help you to create the steps that need to be taken to achieve that goal. Milestones and testing should be included to ensure that you quickly and easily identify what is and is not working within your campaign. One of the great parts of social media marketing is its flexibility to change things and adjust.

Publish kick ass, high-quality content

Once you have a goal and know how you’re going to measure your efforts (aka strategy), you can move on to crafting content that is on message, matters to your target audience and will support those business goals.

Content that engages with your target audience can achieve long-term benefits and extend your reach, engagement and therefore conversions.

Obviously, your content will need to be aligned to the demographics, interests and purchasing habits of your people.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Nothing derails a great social media marketing strategy and campaign quite like sloppy, irregular or just wrong posting times. Updating information, posting shouldn’t be written in stone but a schedule based on resources, insights and how/when your target audience are hanging out on that platform are paramount.

Posting at times your audience are otherwise busy, posting too late on something that is trending, or posting something at an inappropriate time is a huge no no and possible disaster even.

To get true benefit from social media marketing you need to commit to regular posting and covering topics of current interest.

Overarching all of the advice about when to post and how often is content that is of benefit to your audience.

Settle in for the long haul

All forms of marketing, digital marketing and, of course, social media marketing should be considered a marathon, not a sprint.

If you feel that social media marketing will benefit your business then you need to commit to doing it properly. One of the best ways to keep everything moving along, in the right way, especially as your business grows, is to engage a professional content and social media manager.

A professional will work with you to create a strategy, identify business goals, create a way to measure your efforts, craft and upload your content, and manager the progress (and your brand’s reputation) on an ongoing basis.

For assistance with DIY social media marketing, creation of a social media strategy or having a professional manage your social media marketing, I offer a range of services as highlighted below. If you have any questions just sing out.

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