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What’s happening with SEO in 2018?

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What’s happening with SEO in 2018?

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What’s happening with SEO in 2018? Before we get to that – you’ve covered all the basics with your SEO – right?

If you need a easy peasy, plain English type of Website SEO checklist just click the button below and I’ll email it to you!

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Speak it

With the uptake of voice search devices such as smartphones and Google Home – voice search is going to become even more important for your SEO endeavours.

‘Hey Google, who’s the best birth photographer in Melbourne?’

Haven’t used voice search yourself yet? Hmmm not sure I believe you – haven’t we all at least tried to mess with Siri at some point – and while that’s all fun and games (the girl told me to wear tassles one day!!) – voice search is getting really real. 41% of adults speak to their phones and with 55% of teenagers doing the same, that number is set to increase.

Voice search isn’t a substitution or replacement for other types of searches – more like it’s adding another dimension to existing search types.

So, naturalise your keywords/phrases – use keywords/phrases that are more naturally spoken rather than typed. Prepare your content for how people speak in everyday life rather than pop things into a Google search.

Bring out your Emojis

This is going to open up your content to a whole new target audience. Experts are predicting that over the next 10 years, we will be using Emoji communication systems more than ever before (eek – time to get some training from the teenager!).

As search engines get on board with the popularity of emojis the time is set to begin testing which might work for your business and try using it in online content.

How does this work?

  1. If you have an emoji in your meta data (a description/rich snippet or page title/title tag) and Google thinks it’s relevant then it may show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  2. Searching for a specific emoji is now starting to generate results relevant to that emoji. See below – results for a Google search of a Christmas tree and a cake – kinda lazy but kinda cool, right?

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Video killed the static image

Video is continuing to be where it’s at – it’s everywhere, it’s easy to connect with, it’s a money maker for the big platforms so….yeah!

Add into your content strategy regular videos be it Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or YouTube (because you know that Google now owns YouTube – just saying).

How best to use this?

Create a video in YouTube and embed the video into your website – don’t forget to include captions for the hearing impaired (or commuters, mums up feeding in the middle of the night etc.), create a transcription and post it as a blog post so all of your SEO bases are covered.

Remember that Facebook will give you further reach for videos that are uploaded directly to its platform rather than sharing it to Facebook from another source. Essentially – do your video and then upload it separately to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Mobile first

Please tell me you didn’t miss the memo about Google favouring mobile friendly websites and the rumour they are penalising those that are not mobile friendly? Even if your website is searched for on a desktop you need to pay attention to this! Over 60% of Google searches are taking place on mobile so it makes sense SEO is going this way.

Your desktop and mobile website versions must be cohesive in terms of SEO, information, usability and look. Users must have the same experience of viewing your website, regardless of device.

Not sure where your website is at with this? Just click here and run a test.

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Content is still the reigning King

Do not just create content. Do not create content for everyone. Craft your content to speak specifically to your target audience – use their language, use keywords that will appeal to them, use your content to keep them engaged.

AND this content creation must be regular. The key, the secret, to content and SEO is really very simple – update and do it regularly or your site becomes stagnant and redundant.

How can you do this?

  • Craft regular blog posts/videos
  • Update your About Us page and ensure team bios are up to date
  • Add a Facebook or Instagram feed to your website so that the feed automatically updates your website when you post to your social media accounts
  • Change/updates the graphics or images on your website

Won’t someone think of the users

User-experience or UX is all about how a person interacts with your website and the experience they have while they are there. Here we’re talking about things like how quickly (or slowly) your website loads, how difficult or easy it is to find what they are looking for, how confusing it is to navigate the site. What are you looking for? Someone to jump on and be all ‘wow’.

How does this work with SEO – well, search engines are advancing at a truly remarkable speed and now they have their sights set firmly on providing the most relevant results – not just in terms of content but UX too.

The lesson here is – what is good for the audience is good for organic search performance – those that achieve great SEO results will be those that hit all the marks – search algorithms, search sequence, content quality, structure and relevancy.

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Okay – let’s be clear – never ever talking about those black hat, bad back linking practices – ever! Link building for SEO must be done correctly and its importance shouldn’t be underestimated – Google themselves have admitted that content and links are number 1 and number 2 in terms of ranking factors.

There’s heaps of studies out there that agree – the number of sites linking to a page directly correlates to the page’s search ranking.

How do you get quality, white hat, lovely backlinks?

  • Pay for relatively legit links
  • Sharing content on social media
  • Building links with videos
  • Creating cornerstone assets – research, data, case studies
  • Publishing relevant, industry specific content – interviews
  • Ask collaborators to link to your website (make sure they are a good fit)

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