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What would a Social Media Manager do? – Running a Facebook Competition

Want to build your following? See other businesses running FB competitions? Think it looks simple? Well running a Facebook Competition is easy but if you plan on running a trade promotion on your FB page in Australia, you must make sure that your competition is run in line with both Facebook Page Guidelines for Promotions…
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Read this BEFORE you create your website

Coming across this more and more lately so thought I should blog about it. You’ve got a fantastic idea for a new business or a new product – awesome. I get that you’re totally psyched about it. You jump head first into crafting taglines, designing your logo, and building your websites, you’re writing and rewriting…
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What would a social media manager do? – Creating your social media policy

A recent late night call led to this post. An organisation (that shall remain nameless) was having a bit of a crisis. Over their time of operation, numerous people had been added as admins on their social media accounts but it seemed that not everyone had the same ideas of what was appropriate to post,…
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7 Hot Social Media Trends for 2016

Social Media is here to stay – it’s as simple as that. In order to leverage the power of social media it’s important that you stay on top of the trends. Here Integrated Copy uncover the 7 hot trends for the new year. Visuals that are customised by platform We are now quite used to…
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What would a Social Media Manager do? -Personal opinions and the law

According to a recent report by, a British beauty salon owner has been arrested after allegedly posting on Facebook that she would ban Muslim customers after the Paris attacks. The article continues: Thames Valley Police announced they had remanded the owner of Blinks of Bicester, April Major, in custody on Sunday following complaints from…
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What would a Social Media Manager do? – How to handle current affairs

We all watched in horror and with great sadness as events unfolded in Paris over the weekend. And as callous as it might first seem, it does lead to an important question; as a business, should you post about current affairs such as the Paris attacks? What would a social media manager do? The very…
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Top Ways to build an Instagram Following

Instagram is a fantastic tool to increase your company’s visibility, drive traffic to your website and build your brand’s voice. Here are our top tips to building an engaged following on Instagram:

Love at First Sight

Working in Content & Social Media Marketing, I see A LOT of trends, sites and apps, all claiming to be the next big thing. It’s hard not to get a bit overwhelmed, a bit jaded. But every now and then something comes along that just has you screaming out loud ‘I’m in love!’. Something that…
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