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About Me

Anyone that collaborates with me or has engaged me as their copywriter has probably heard me go on and on about the importance of an ‘About’ page on a website. People buy from and engage with people, not businesses.

And yet, it has taken ages to get my own page done. Why? Well, it’s obviously easier to write it for someone else rather than yourself, but here goes…

Copywriter – Content Manager – Social Media Manager – Copy Editor – Proofreader

The boring-ish bits…

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Diploma of Copy Editing and Proofreading
  • 15 years’ experience in the Market Research Industry
  • 10 years’ experience in Copywriting, Social Media Marketing & Management

The more interesting bits…

As a white label service I can become part of your agency team…but I won’t steal the bikkies…promise. Use Slack, Asana, Trello…I can get across your project management system so your clients will never even know I’m not one of you.

I have written for and handled the social media accounts for almost every type of industry you can think of – from trades, hospitality, ecommerce, fitness, human resources, entrepreneurs, to not-for-profits, public figures, and even the adult entertainment industry.

I’m very lucky to have found Connie – she’s able to provide a well rounded service for my business at a very high level with competitive pricing. Highly recommended! – Nicole, Ashbury Service Centre

Here’s why it works:

It’s a cost effective, professional service designed to specifically suit both your business and your target audience.

I have a passion for demographics, trends, current affairs and small business.

I am a huge advocate for collaboration – if there’s a skill you need that isn’t my forte, I’ll call in the specialists. I have built a gun team of collaborators in the areas of branding, website design, website development, graphic design, video production and SEO.

I love what I do….the end.

If you want to have a chat about content and social media just let me know – we can connect via phone, Kintell, Zoom, email or even over coffee (my personal favourite). And, if you’re not ready to engage a content and social media manager – I offer a DIY package so you can handle it yourself, in the right way.

If LinkedIn is your thing you can take a look at my profile over there by clicking here.